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About Us

Emily Stylez

Emily has always loved hair and makeup; from the early age of 10 she knew beauty was her thing. As a little girl, every time she sat in a stylist chair she watched everything they did. She even learned how to do nails, waxing, makeup and all just by observing others. She loved it so much that in high school she would give her friends make-overs for fun. She went off to college to study business but she didn't feel complete. She decided to pursue her passion and enrolled in Capri Institute in 2005.

Emily was loving every minute of beauty school and finished before her expected graduation date with all A's and a scholarship. They wanted her to study as a Cosmetology Teacher and eventually become an educator at Capri. Emily had other plans first and decided to get right into the beauty business.

She was determined upon graduation to open her first salon in three years time. Emily started from the bottom, assisting, cleaning and washing hair. She even went on to work for a Supercuts; where she mastered male haircuts. She took her experience to a few salons before managing a salon in Rahway. By year three, she knew it was time to start making her dreams a reality. 

Before having opening her salon, she created a website in 2009 because she was sure this would manifest her business. A few short months after, she had signed a lease for her first salon in Kenilworth NJ in 2010. With nothing to lose she took a few dollars and turned an old attorneys office into a boutique salon. 

She went on to run a successful salon but in 2018 tragedy struck, she had a miscarriage. She became very sick and all the stress took a toll on her body. Instead of expanding as she had planned; she had to say goodbye to her salon of 8 years. Her clients have followed her everywhere and supported her through the down time. Once she got better, she decided she would try again but this time in a new area, her own city. 

Emily opened her new Salon in Rahway, January 2020 and then in March Covid struck sending a shock to her system! Oh no she thought, "was this the right time to embark on this new journey?" She realized she had overcome plenty of challenges in her life and wasn't going to let this bring her down. Through all the obstacles her endurance and determination has not been shaken. She plans to open June 22, 2020!  

Emily & her team specialize in Hair & Makeup for all special occasions. They offer on-site services as well as in salon. Check out some of their work in the photo gallery and other social media platforms.

The Emily Stylez team is always learning new styles, techniques and set new trends. 

Hope to see you soon!

We are very excited to meet new clients and continue to service our loyal clients.
We are very excited to meet new clients and continue to service our loyal clients.
We are very excited to meet new clients and continue to service our loyal clients.